We have the ability to develop strong partnerships with innovative and solid companies ready to revolutionise this sector. Our mission is to enhance efficiency while bringing costs down.

AFRICA has an urge to develop infrastructures to guide the way forward to assure economic development. Improving both transport and logistical infrastructures has been identified in recent studies as the single most important factor affecting the ease of doing business on the continent.

This is a top priority for Governments and relevant initiatives are underway throughout the Continent. East and West Africa are regional examples.


AFRICA owns half of the world’s uncultivated arable land, and also benefits from very good weather conditions.

Current trends show that by 2050, the continent will only be producing 13% of the required food demand. The average African farm only performs at about 40% of its full potential. We can see from the statistics that the demand for local produce is there.

Consider a growing population, vibrant markets, and the availability of half of the world’s uncultivated arable land and you can see why African agriculture is the next big promise.


Regional stability allows for sustained economic and social reform and growth. Governments recognise that political currency lies within their people being secure.

The securing of boarders both soft and hard by utilising multiple tools, allows Governments to protect themselves from outside actors from the region where stability maybe less assured. Linceus has unique insight and access to support entities with the skill sets to support Governments in promoting its security interests.


From biomass to traditional energy sources or renewables, energy projects are a priority for the surplus demands in Africa

According to the International Energy Agency, in sub-Saharan Africa, more than 620 million people live without access to electricity. Those with access face very high prices for an unreliable supply.

By 2040, nearly one billion people are projected to have access. However, the rapid growth rate will result in 530 million people remaining without access.


As the digital world develops, emerging markets are left exposed as they strive to adapt to the Internet of Things (IOT). Africa is one the of most fiercely targeted continents by state backed and private cyber attacks.

The need for investment into technical support in both the commercial sector and within Government remains one of the highest requirements to enable sustainable growth of these economies.

Linceus consulting partners with investors and technical partners to deliver the highly sought-after solutions within the Sub-Saharan market.


Our focus is to bring the top international manufacturing companies to set up their operations in AFRICA. The oil price crisis points once again to the need for diversification. With low or lower levels of income and liquidity, African governments are enforcing imports reduction policies.

Strong production incentives are in place, making this the opportune time to invest in production and manufacturing facilities.